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Our Cakes

All our items are made fresh daily starting at the early hours of 2 am. The recipes are split between European tradition and the bakers own. All cakes are done per custom order, except for our daily cakes which we have on display. When it comes to ordering a cake, we'd rather you'd give us a day ahead and we'll give you a cake that's not over replicated. When it comes to unique and special ideas, we can help create whatever you'd like, to a tee. We can decorate any cake below to have whatever custom design/wording you'd like. Don't hesitate to ask for something that's not usually made here either, we've accommodated to many requests in the past. (Pricing below)

(Picture coming soon)!
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Strawberry and Vanilla Mousse with strawberry slivers and a clear apricot glaze.
Triple Chocolate Mousse
White Chocolate, Milk chocolate and dark chocolate mousse with a white and dark chocolate ganache topping.
Cassis Mousse Cake
Black Current and vanilla mousse with black currents and a clear apricot glaze.
Almond Amaretto Cake
Yellow cake filled with a creamy almond paste vanilla buttercream with a light marzipan top and an almond flower decor.
Chocolate Rum Cake
Chocolate rum splashed cake, with chocolate buttercream icing, and chocolate shavings on top.
Carrot Cake
Several layered carrot and cake and cream cheese icing with carrot decor.
Strawberry Cake
Yellow cake, with strawberry slivers, jam and preserves with whip cream and chocolate shavings and strawberries on top.
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Four layers of chocolate cake with three layers hazelnut mousse with chocolate ganache drenched over and white chocolate dots.
Lemon Raspberry Cake
Yellow cake with lemon curd and a thin layer of rasberry seedless jam and lemon curd on top with vanilla buttercream and white sprinkles.
Black Forrest Cake
Chocolate cake filled with cherries and jam vanilla buttercream and chocolate shavings with cherries on top.
Key Lime Pie
America's favorite key lime pie. Graham cracker crust key lime filling and fresh limes with whip cream.
Double Fudge Raspberry
Chocolate cake with several layers of double fudge and thin layer of rasberry seedless jam, chocolate buttercream and a ganache topping.

6" regular cakes - serving 6 - $14.95

8" regular cakes - serving 12 - $22.80

Specialty Cakes

All three mousse cakes, carrot cake and truffle cake.

Only in 8" size - $31.70

We also make round cakes up to 14" and quarter, half, three-quarter, & full sheet cakes.

If you'd like to know about serving amounts for all our cakes or any additional pricing please
call Monday - Saturday 7am - 5:30pm.